I Love Grids® is design for good ideas.

I | pronoun

A word used to refer to oneself.

Love | transitive verb

To be fond of. To appreciate intensely. To relate to or feel an affinity with.

Grids | noun

Natural or man-made systems. Physical or conceptual structures. Devices for organising, measuring or explaining ideas. Networks for transmitting energy or information.


I Love Grids® is the work of someone called Stuart Cockburn (that's me).

My human name is less relevant to the world than the fact that I love grids. This is the case because many other people love grids too.

With its inherent values, a brand name has the potential to make connections with people in more meaningful ways than a generic (if relatively rare) human name can.

I Love Grids®

Image © Paul Johnston 2017.

I have certain creative skills and I work in different capacities. One of these is providing freelance creative services which typically relate to the design of text-heavy printed documents.

I am also creating various products, services, stories and ideas. I'm developing brand identities to represent these personal projects.

See the links in the top navigation bar – We Love Grids®, Hidden Primate® and Free All Birds®. All of these are work in progress.


I Love Grids® sets out to use design and other forms of creativity to help make the lives of humans and all other animals happier, healthier, fairer and more equal.