I Love Grids®

Design for humanitarian ideas.

I Love Grids®

I Love Grids® is graphic design for humanitarian ideas. It's the work of Stuart Cockburn* (me) and is home to We Love Grids®, Hidden Primate® and Free All Birds. These are product and campaign identities I'm developing to represent different creative and social themes that are important to me and my work.

* Happily, it's Co-burn, and no, it doesn't hurt.

I Love Grids®

I | pronoun

A word used to refer to oneself.

love | transitive verb

To be fond of. To appreciate intensely. To relate to or feel an affinity with.

grids | noun

Natural or man-made systems. Physical or conceptual structures. Devices for organising, measuring or explaining ideas. Networks for transmitting energy or information.

I Love Grids®

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I Love Grids®


Backstory will appear here soon.

Meanwhile, learn about the freelance creative services I offer, here. And, read some testimonials for my creative work, very kindly provided by clients, here.

I Love Grids®

This site is a work in progress. Certain things may be a little short on detail, and others a bit fragmented. Putting it together has been a learning process as I'm not a web designer. It's often been trial and error, but slowly the layout and content is getting close to what is needed. Any and all feedback would be very welcome! Contact me here.

19 Feb 2018 – multiple web design and coding activities are ongoing this week. Please forgive any errors while I figure things out.

I Love Grids®

In a world in which there is too much stuff, the things that we make – and the ways that we make them – are more important than ever.

I Love Grids®


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